Pride Games 2015 Results and Videos

pridegamesresultssliderThanks to everyone who took part in this year’s Pride Games on Saturday 6th June, which was a huge success – we all had a fabulous time and made some fantastic new friends.





The final results were:

Group A

Gold: Stuart Anthony

Silver: Gavin Warnes

Bronze: Russell Varity

Group B

Gold: Pavol Miska

Silver: Dermot Clarke

Bronze: Jamie Stott

Group C:

Gold: Adrian Dziurzinski

Silver: Andy Kellett

Bronze: Brian Short

Group D:

Gold: Phil Clode

Silver: Mike Robinson

Bronze: Susana Thomas



Below are the videos of the phenomenal final matches in each category…

Pride Games 2015 Group A Final: Gavin Warnes v Stuart Anthony


Pride Games 2015 Group B Final: Dermot v Pavol Miska

Pride Games 2015 Group C Final: Adrian Dziurzinski v Andy Kellett

Pride Games 2015 Group D Final: Phil Clode v Mike Robinson

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