Northern Rebound Christmas Dinner

thumbnailAfter all the good feedback from last year, Northern Rebound have booked VILLAGIO on Canal Street in Manchester’s Gay Village again for this year’s Northern Rebound Xmas dinner. It will be on FRIDAY 5TH DECEMBER, at 7.00pm (there won’t be any squash on that night).

The menu is here (it’s the same as last year, which is great cos the food was fab!)…: The cost is £25 per head to members (£30 to non-members), and this will include half a bottle of wine per person on the table. As last year, the club will also subsidise some extra bottles of wine so there will be plenty of wine on the table, and we won’t end up with a big drinks bill at the end of the night.

If you would like to attend, you need to do 2 things, in this order….

1) Pay your £25 or £30 (just bring it to one of the squash sessions and pay when you pay your sub)… and then

2) Fill out the survey, which you will receive a link to, to select your meal choices. Please don’t fill in the survey until you have paid, so I can keep tabs on numbers and who has confirmed easily.

Christmas will be here in no time!!


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