MIST 2016

Mist 2016

The UK’s biggest and best international LGBT squash tournament

Northern Rebound hosted Manchester International Squash Tournament (MIST) 2016 on Saturday 11th June ’16.

The event took place at the fabulous National Squash Centre in Manchester, home of the UK’s National Squash Championships.


Final results from the day:

Group A:
Gold – Jonathan MacBride-Young
Silver – Stuart Anthony
Bronze – Jonathan Round

Group B:
Gold – Gavin Warnes
Silver – Scott Moran
Bronze – Daniel Corbett

Group C:
Gold – Aditya Mac An Fhile
Silver – David Jameson
Bronze – Warrick Howell

Group D:
Gold – Rob Pinguinito
Silver – Darren Gallagher
Bronze – Christopher William

Gold – Claudio Corradini
Silver – Carlos Nunez