Northern Rebound Committee

The Northern Rebound Committee members are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. The committee handles the day to day running of the club. If you’d like to get in touch with Northern Rebound, click here.

bcpicBob Chatham – Chairman

I’ve been playing squash for over twenty years now and have been a member of Northern Rebound for over four years. I enjoyed my first year in the club so much that I decided to offer help in running it so i have now been a committee member since 2012. Bob’s fun fact is “I once was on BBC 2 sitting on a bus riding a roller coaster”.

Matthew Riley – Secretary

I was a casual player when younger and wanted a place to get back in to sports and meet new people, Northern Rebound has become a second family since joining. It gives you a good challenge in the game if you want it or just a place to practise and enjoy the company, especially with the social drinks and activities (PSD’s – post squash drinks).

Loves: traveling/art
Hates: valure
Greatest fear: falling

warrickhthumbWarrick Howell – Media and IT

Warrick joined Northern Rebound in November 2015, when Stuart Avery convinced him that squash was great fun and the group had a very active social side. He quickly fell in love with the game, having never played a racquet sport before. Spurred on by the group, Warrick won his first team medal at MIST2016, taking Bronze in the C Category.
An airline pilot by day, Warrick’s time is spent in various (un)glamorous locations and the squash courts!

John WilliamsJohn Williams – Treasurer

John lulled everyone at Rebound into a false sense of security, first appearing unknown at a social event, then going on to prove he’s a fierce opponent on the court. John is happiest with a beverage in hand, as a consolation for losing to Warrick on court…

Sam JacksonSam Jackson – A.K.A Fat Sam

With his impossibly upright posture, Fat Sam is a lawyer-type person during the day, and incredibly talented wine drinker by night. He also plays squash. Apparently.